Kitten Becomes An Unlikely Partner for Police Officer!


INDIANA – Police officers are well known to patrol with canines by their sides. But what about kittens? Cassie Leuck, who is a patrol officer with Lafayette Police Department, seems to have found a new partner Tuesday after she responded to reports of a stray kitten found at Murdock Park. …

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North Carolina Man Charged with Beating Cat!


NORTH CAROLINA – A 28-year-old man has recently been arrested and charged with killing and beating a cat with a metal pipe, according to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant for Dustin Randall Thompson of Four Oaks was issued back on June 30. He was arrested Monday and he …

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This Is Just One Extremely Cute Kitten Video!


Yes, you can watch this video as many times as you wish and we here at The Best Cat Page are willing to bet you will watch it more than once! The adorable little kitty in this clip proves that the beauty and sweetness of a kitten truly are unlimited. …

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