Firefighters Rescue 2-day Old Kitten Trapped in Pipe!


MICHIGAN – Farmington Hills firefighters managed to rescue a kitten Thursday that “appeared to be no more than two days old” out from a concrete culvert underneath a street near 9 Mile and Farmington roads. Firefighters met with a nearby homeowner and learned that the kitten was trapped about 10 …

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16+ Happy Cats On The Internet!


Kitties are very mysterious and their facial expressions are often hard to read. One thing is for sure, the kitties in the photos below sure know how to show how happy they are! Check them out! Source

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Video Shows Dog Saving Cat from Plastic Bag!


A video of a cat who had a plastic bag on its head is going viral, for a second time The clip was uploaded to YouTube more than one whole year ago, but a recent GIF of the video has made its way to the top of Reddit. It shows …

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6 Ways To Connect With Your Cat On A Deeper Level!


Saying to people that you love your cat while showing them an endless stream of camera phone pictures is niece and all, but to what extent have you really bonded with that special feline in your life? And how are you able to strengthen the connection between you and your …

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These Are the 7 Best-selling Cat Toys on Amazon


If you think your attention span is off, your pet cat has it a thousand times worse. Why else would they dart around your house aimlessly with glazed eyes like some kind of a madman? You can just live with their weirdness if you wish, however, it’s a lot easier …

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23-year-old Cat Lucky to Be Alive After Being Shot!

Twenty-three year old Chester the cat who is recovering after being shot with an air rifle

ENGLAND – An elderly cat is lucky to be alive after being shot with an air rifle in Wirral . Twenty-three-year-old Chester needed to undergo surgery after a pellet tore through muscle and became lodged in a bone. His owners, who live in The Paddock in Upton, discovered he had …

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Meet the Starting Lineup for the 2017 Kitten Bowl!


NEW YORK — The furry, fleet-footed pawthletes of Kitten Bowl IV didn’t exactly have the plays down pay on Wednesday at the taping of the annual cuteness fest that airs on the Hallmark Channel each Super Bowl Sunday. Chaos did ensue, but it was all good as cameras rolled on …

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MU Researcher Hopes to Study Benefits of Cats for Children with Autism!


MISSOURI — The MU Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction is currently trying to raise funds for a research project called Feline Friends to study the possible benefits of placing adoptable cats in homes of children with autism. Children with autism who have pets have exhibited greater social skills than those …

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