Florida Deputies Rescue “Tied Up’ kitten!


FLORIDA – A routine trespassing call in New Port Richey took an unexpected turn Thursday when two Pasco County deputies found themselves rescuing a kitten as a bonus. When Deputies Keelie Peckham and James Cantagallo first arrived at the location near Ridge Road where the call had originated, they couldn’t …

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Cats Don’t Sleep at Night! Here’s What They Do Instead!


For cat lovers, things truly do go bump in the night! And not just around Halloween, but all year long! A hilarious video from YouTube cats Cole and Marmalade spoofs the setup of Paranormal Activity by using a camera to capture the shenanigans that cats get themselves into every night. …

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WATCH: Paramedics Save Kittens!


TEXAS – Williamson County paramedics have been captured in a very touching moment reviving kittens who were trapped in a house fire. The special mask they used is currently in all of their EMS vehicles guaranteeing family pets have a better chance at survival. On this past Tuesday morning, heavy …

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