Rescue Cat Becomes World Traveler

This is Gandalf! He is an adventurous cat who has already been to two countries and a total of eight states.

When he was just 5 weeks old, he was adopted into a loving home and his humans got him back to health. Soon after that, he discovered his love for exploring. Gandalf’s humans started imagining and planning all sorts of wonderful places they could take him to!

We adopted him while we were living in Korea from a veterinary office,” Gandalf’s human shared with the fine folks at Love Meow.

Little Gandalf was rescued from a pet shop which was closing.

“He was only 5 weeks old and had a respiratory infection but the vet was great and helped us fix him right up, he turned out just fine! He was still a little puff of energy.”

Gandalf is now already 2 years old and he is a very handsome Siberian cat. And he loves to visit new places.

“He loves his leash! As soon as we pick it up he runs to the door and sits down for us to put it on. He is a travel bug.”

“He is an indoor only cat with the exception of leash time. We started taking him out with us since he was just a few weeks. He loves it! He still gets the outdoor experience and we get to share in all of his adventures!”

Gandalf does have a habit stealing the show on trails.

“He seems to enjoy all of the attention!”

“He plans to visit the Alamo and Austin this Christmas and the Redwoods shortly after.”

“He is our everything. We can’t imagine life with out him,” Gandalf’s human told the people of Love Meow.

“We recently took our kitty Gandalf on our road trip. He really enjoyed seeing all the new places and making friends with the fellow campers.”

Gandalf simply loves the outdoors but he isn’t a huge fan of the rain, so they bought him a rain jacket.

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  1. I have a question about this. What a great cat and great idea.. My dog just passed and my cat Loves her leash, but she also likes to climb trees. She rescued me when she was about 7 months old after living on the streets for some time. She’s amazing an loves to go outside. She climbed a tree once with the leash on, I’m so scared she’s going to get strangled. She’s also inside except for the leash. How do we address the tree climbing issue?

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