UPDATE – Memorial Unveiled in Havant for Missy, the “Bus-stop Cat”!


A sculpture has just been unveiled in memory of a popular cat which frequented a bus stop in Hampshire.

Well-wishers from as far as the United States and Australia donated $7,000 towards the sculpture on the Leigh Park housing estate in Havant.Missy was a regular visitor and mascot for almost 10 years at the number 39 stop in Dunsbury Way.She was found back in January with “horrific injuries” after being run over or attacked and was put down by a vet. She touched many lives.

Flowers, photos, children’s drawings and messages were all left at the bus stop bench where the 13-year-old ginger cat would often be found asleep or sitting on someone’s lap.Bus driver Craig Cockram raised the money for the memorial, which attracted online donations and messages from around the world.One donor from the US stated in writing:

“Remember the joy and happiness you brought to those waiting for the bus over the years.”

The popular ginger cat was found with "horrific injuries" near the bus stop where she was often seen

Samantha Hadaway stated: “Bless you dear Missy for making people smile every day and only asking in return for some kindness. Such a senseless awful waste of a precious little fur angel’s life”.

The bus shelter became a shrine to the popular cat, attracting flowers and other tributes

Kristi, from the USA, declared: “God has a special place for Missy. She touched so many lives. I wish I’d known her.”

Children left messages at the bus stop where Missy was often seen
Children left messages at the bus stop where Missy was often seen

The memorial bench made is entirely of oak, with a sequoia cat sculpture curled up at one end, and it was placed on a grass verge directly opposite Missy’s favorite shelter.

The cause of the 13-year-old ginger cat's death remains a mystery
The cause of the 13-year-old ginger cat’s death remains a mystery

The Mayor of Havant, Faith Ponsonby, who unveiled it, stated the appeal’s success was partly a sign of loneliness on the Leigh Park housing estate.

She went on to say: “Not a lot of people are allowed to have pets and I have concerns that we need to look out for elderly lonely people.

“For children, to stroke her was something they could look forward to every day.”


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