Missing Cat Found on Brink of Death in School Building!

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA – A Shreveport woman’s month-long nightmare has finally some to an end now that she’s been reunited with her missing cat.

The kitty is now recovering after emergency surgery.

As it turns out, the random hunch of a friend led to the cat’s discovery.

However, the feline was on the brink of death when he was discovered.

The cat, which simply failed to return home one day in mid-May, was found literally starving to death in a maintenance building at Byrd High School in Shreveport.

Some are calling it a miracle that Bane even is alive. The cat’s owner, Sarah Eilts, gently petted her as she told us, “He is looking so good.”

Bane underwent emergency surgery on June 17 at Animal Emergency Clinic in Shreveport. The procedure removed both rubber and foam from its stomach and small intestines,

Eilts said she searched absolutely everywhere. “Of course, contacted shelters, the pound, lost and found pets, all the normal venues.”

On Thursday, Eilts took her friend’s suggestion and made a call to Byrd High School, which is 6 houses down from where she lives, to check if anyone happened to see her cat. “I called the school and they said that they had him.”

Eilts immediately rushed to the maintenance building, where she discovered her normally 18-pound cat had shrunken down to just 5 pounds! “He was covered in fleas, he was severely dehydrated. You could tell he was on the brink of death.”

Caddo School District spokeswoman Mary Nash Wood stated that the cat might have entered through a window that was broken. A maintenance worker caught sight Bane less than a week ago but couldn’t get too close because it kept hissing and simply wouldn’t leave, even with the door open, she explained. They were waiting for animal control to pick up the cat when Eilts called, Wood went on to say.

Caddo Animal Control cruelty investigator Eric Baker confirmed he is now looking into the exact circumstances of the cat’s discovery inside the building. Baker stated he will contact Byrd High officials on June 20 to get more information.


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