UPDATE – Classic Story: Incredible moment men rescue two kittens from a river – VIDEO!


ALABAMA – A pair of fishermen were literally shocked to catch a different kind of catfish when they came across two kittens swimming towards their boat.

The footage in the video below, which was later posted to the Alabama Adventures YouTube channel, featured the two men sailing through the Warrior River, which is near Bluff Creek, while on a fishing trip.

In the video, one of the fishermen, Jason Frost, records himself saying to the other: ‘You are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat, a kitten.’

He then films the river and a tiny dot of ginger is just about visible paddling its way through the murky water, hoping to be rescued.

Getting himself into a better position, the man crouches down at the front of the boat and simply waits for the little creature to get within range before pulling it out of the river.

At that very moment, his friend, Brandon Key, spots yet another young ginger kitty struggling in the water and the duo begin sailing towards it.

Meanwhile, the first cat shakes itself dry and meows in great appreciation as it receives a little stroke from its rescuer.

After swimming a long distance towards the boat, the second kitten is then, in turn, rescued from the river – the first cat comes over to greet its sibling.

The two men comment on the fact that the creatures are identical twins before speculating that someone probably attempted to dispose of them in the river.

The video concludes with the two cats safely aboard the boat, gratefully shaking themselves dry.

Since emerging online later year, the clip has received a number of comments from appreciative YouTube users.

Tami F Berrios writes: ‘You guys ROCK!!! Thank you for saving them!!!! God Bless y’all from Mississippi.’

While user klmoll stated: ‘Thank you so much for saving these babies, blessings on you!

UPDATE: We here at The Best Cat Page recently visited the Facebook page of Warrior and River and they seem to be doing just fine and the best news is – they are still together!

Photo credits: Warrior and River, Facebook!

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