Evil-looking Cat Gives Epic Death Stares When Owner Dares to Make a Noise While It Kneads a Blanket! – VIDEO!


This mean-looking cat does not look at all pleased after its owner makes a noise while it tries to relax on a blanket.

The large white feline, which appeared to have recently been shaved, sat down while it used its claws to knead a green blanket.

The cat simply did not appreciate being filmed as it gave its owner an epic death stare when they made a sound.


During the video below, the cat turned its head to the right to gaze directly at the owner every time they made a noise.

It was filmed using its right claw to knead a nearby blanket – usually a sign that it is feeling happy or content because it associates the motion with the comforts of nursing and its mother.

But that didn’t appear to be the case at all as the cat glared directly at its owner throughout the 33-second clip.


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