Cat Becomes Friends With A Chipmunk, Won’t Stop Cuddling!


It’s quite hard to resist the kitty fluff and this chipmunk knows it. The brave tiny creature discovered a furry kitten sunbathing in the backyard of a Reddit user named _GoldGuy_ and took an absolute leap of faith by approaching the feline. The brazen cat neither fought nor resisted.

“My cat made friends with a chipmunk,” reads the title of
_GoldGuy_’s photo series which documents the unbearably cute encounter.

At first, the chipmunk looked understandably scared and intimidated, so the cat lay down to show that it meant no harm to it and the wee rodent soon approached it. The chipmunk seemed to understand that the kitty wants to be friends, too, so it climbed on its back and happily shuffled in the fluff and a brand new cuddly friendship was born.

The tiny chipmunk and the cat who became friends!


How adorable!


The chipmunk soon understood that the kitty wants to be friends, too, so it moved in closer …


…and closer still.


Until the wee rodent felt right at home!


And voila! A brand new cuddly friendship was born!


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