UPDATE – Dave the Cat Without a Nose That No One Wanted to Adopt, Crosses Over …


UNITED KINGDOM – Dave the cat without a nose who was struggling to find a new home has had to be put down after becoming “suddenly very seriously ill”.

Dave was taken in by Bath Cats and Dogs Home after his elderly owner was put into a care home.

The animal had to have part of his nose removed at one point a few years ago due to a tumour.

The centre, which campaigned strongly to find him a new home, said his death was “unrelated to his nose”.

It went on to add: “With great sadness, it was kindest to put him to sleep”.


The home explained that Dave struggled to find a new owner because people could not “see past” his unusual face.

It launched a campaign to find him a new home and had was quickly “overwhelmed” by offers.

A spokesman stated: “Sadly our happiness was short-lived as Dave became suddenly and seriously ill a few days ago.

“We hoped for the best but tests showed that Dave was suffering from a serious underlying illness – unrelated to his nose.”


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