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Kitten Poisoned, Almost Died Because of Her Flea Collar!

A newborn kitten found herself at an animal hospital in Connecticut with a serious problem. She was covered in fleas and was suffering from seizures. Lona Harrelle, who is the owner of All Friends Animal Hospital in Norwich, says the blame fell on the kitten’s flea collar.

She explains that many cheap collars designed to control fleas do so by producing a specific toxin that gets into the animal’s bloodstream.

“That’s obviously an extreme reaction,” she told The Dodo.

“But that’s an example of what can happen. Obviously, every pet is different. We usually see it with the really little ones who can’t tolerate it really well.”

“This time of year fleas and ticks are an issue,” Harrelle went on to explain.

“People are reaching for what they think is a less expensive option.”

The kitten’s owner told medical staff she had used a Sergeant’s brand collar.

“It’s the equivalent of putting a toxin on their backs and it is absorbed into the skin and gets into the bloodstream,” she said.

“The toxin can affect any animal at any age. We just see it more frequently in the really young ones because they’re more susceptible because of their weight and age.”

Thankfully, this particular kitten survived, however others, aren’t so lucky.