Meet Samson — the Biggest Cat in NYC!

New York – Samson is no average house cat.

This Brooklyn feline whose name is Samson weighs in at a hulking 28 pounds, making him NYC’s biggest puss.

“He’s the [largest] cat in the city, and I welcome any challengers to step up,” claims Samson’s owner, Jonathan Zurbel, who is 42, of the 4-year-old purebred Maine coon, who is an impressive 4 feet in length.

“He is by far the biggest cat I’ve heard of, especially in New York City,” confirms Dr. Lisa Lippman, who is a Manhattan veterinarian who says that most cats she sees weigh around 10 pounds.


Maine coons are the largest breed of all cats, but even they typically average only 15 to 25 pounds for males, according to Maine Coon Fancy, a Web site which is dedicated to the breed.

it’s not surprising given his lofty dimensions, Samson doesn’t act like your average kitty.

“He plays an excellent game of fetch, and he follows me from room to room and lays nearby, much like a dog,” states Zurbel, a music producer.

However, Samson draws the line at walking on a leash, which he doesn’t enjoy. Instead, Zurbel wheels him around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in a green pet stroller.

“He gets a lot of attention from strangers,” claims the proud papa, who adopted the cat from his older brother. He’d purchased the kitty from a breeder in southern New Jersey, however, had to give him up because of his work schedule.


“He draws crowds of photographers,” Zurbel goes on to say. “People’s reactions are often, ‘Holy s – – t! Is that a cat? That’s a lion! Is it a bobcat?’ ”

Caring for such a colossal kitty isn’t exactly what you’d call easy. He goes through in upwards of six cans of wet food a day and several bags of dry food every week. He also goes through nearly 4 pounds of litter a week,

and requires a $120 grooming every few months to look his fluffy best.

Zurbel claims the colossal kitty is worth all the trouble.

“He’s a very good cat,” he stated. “He’s affectionate and sweet.”


He’s also a burgeoning star on Instagram, where his @catstradamus account already has over 11,000 followers.

“If there’s one thing that rules the Internet, it’s cats,” states Zurbel. “It didn’t take long to build an organic following.”

However, even though he tips the scales at 28 pounds, don’t call Samson a fat cat.

“He is genuinely long, broad, heavy and strong. He’s big and well-proportioned. He’s a real big Maine coon,” states his groomer, whose name is Carolyn Ayala. “I have groomed many obese cats but [he’s] not the same . . . He is the Fabio of cats. He’s a gentle giant.”


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