Behold the Beauty of Alice – the Persian Mix Cat with the Most Gorgeous Marble Fur!

UNITED KINGDOM – As we here at The Best Cat Page have always said, all cats are beautiful, obviously. Alice, however, is someone pretty special.

Alice is a six-year-old Persian mix cat who is literally a little fluff ball.

She’s absolutely beautiful, mostly thanks to the marble effect of her grey and white fur, her green eyes, and of course, those tiny little paws and ears she has.

Alice is also quite the experienced traveler, having lived in four different countries and frequently traveling on planes with her owner, Yara.

This special little Princess even has her own passport!

But when Alice isn’t jetting around the world, she’s lounging.

But when Alice isn’t jetting around the world, she’s lounging.


And relaxing.


And generally loving life.


Look at her. Alice knows she’s stunning.


She works it.


And who can blame her?


She’s flawless.


Alice was adopted by Yara after her previous owners had to give her up (for unknown reasons).


She’s now happily living her best life as an Instagram celebrity with more than 14,000 followers.


You keep doing you, Alice.


We’re big fans.



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