Maine Coon Cat Pictures!

Behold the gorgeous Maine Coon cat pictures!

Photographer Robert Sijka has made it his true mission to capture this cat pictures of the Maine Coons. And yes, we here at The Best Cat Page feel he’s nailed it.

Maine Coons are the largest breed of domestic cat in the entire world. Seriously, they’re like -huge. Sometimes they even get mistaken for bobcats and the police get called.

They’re also quite stunning. Their giant size and fluffy, shaggy fur makes Maine Coons look a lot like majestic wild cats.


It’s a good thing that the majority of them are sweet little dumplings that love a nice tummy stroke otherwise we’d all be a bit intimidated.


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Robert runs a Maine Coon cattery in China.



That’s where he finds his models.



He told Cat Behaviourist that he takes ‘a lot of joy’ in playing with cats and taking their pictures.



‘What impresses me most is their size, intelligence, and loyalty.’



Robert says that capturing each cat pictures takes a lot of time and patience.



‘The best way to get the cat’s attention is playing with them, we play a lot!



‘We do a lot of hunting and toy chasing.’



The result of all that time and patience? Incredible cat pictures that capture the true beauty of Maine Coon cats.





All photos by Robert Sijka


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