Kitten Flushed Down Toilet by Toddler Saved by Firefighters and Plumbers!

KANSAS – The Ford County Fire and EMS received a very unique request for help after receiving a panicked call from a Kansas cat owner.

“All of a sudden we hear this meow, meow, meow and I said it sounds like it’s coming from the floor,” Kristin Schmitz said to WIBW, adding that was just when she realized that her four-year-old son had flushed their ginger tabby kitten down the toilet.

Ford County Fire Chief Rob Boyd explained they were definitely shocked when they received the call and labeled it as their “most interesting rescue so far.”

“We looked at each other and we weren’t sure but we said sure let’s give it a try,” he explained to the news outlet.

A cat stuck in a toilet was a first for Kansas Ford County Fire & EMS. (FORD COUNTY FIRE & EMS/FACEBOOK)
A cat stuck in a toilet was a first for Kansas Ford County Fire & EMS. (FORD COUNTY FIRE & EMS/FACEBOOK)

The first responders initially removed the toilet hoping to be able to simply pull out the cat. Didn’t go so easily, according to their Facebook page.

However, with a little help of a confined space camera and two and a half hours of hard work, the kitten was pulled from the pipe beneath the Schmitz’s home.

After surviving the incident without any injuries at all, the three-week-old feline was renamed Miracle.

“I cried,” Schmitz stated.

“I thanked them so much because they went way above and beyond.”

Boyd and the rest of the fire department went on to say that they were happy Miracle recovered but added the flushing should serve as an example for others with curious toddlers.

“Whatever the object may be, if it’ll go through the hole at the bottom of the toilet, it can be flushed,” he explained, “so just keep that in mind.”


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