‘Unusual’ Kitten Found Being Carried in a Dog’s Mouth!


UNITED KINGDOM – A kitten who has been handed into the RSPCA was found being carried in a dog’s mouth is being adopted by the vet who cared for it.

The kitten is now believed by the RSPCA to have been born outside and was found in Radcliffe-on-Trent two weeks ago by a dog who belongs to the neighbor of a local trustee of the charity.

The trustee took the kitten over to the RSPCA before it was transferred to All Creatures Vets on Bingham Road in Radcliffe.

An animal care assistant, whose name is Robyn Pearcey, says that she wants to keep the kitten, named ‘Captain Shrewsbury’, in her family and is excited at owning her first pet.

She stated: “My other half fell in love with him and we’ve decided to keep him as he’s just adorable; we can’t wait to see what kind of cat he becomes.

“We’ve not seen anything where another animal has found him and brought a kitten in so gently.

“The spaniel that found him had the kitten held very gently in his mouth and dropped him down very gently; it’s such a sweet story.”

“He looks different to the kittens we’ve had”.

The kitten’s breed is still unclear but Robyn says he appears to have unusual origins.

She went on to say: “We’re not sure what he’s likely to be but one of our vets believes that he could be a Siberian breed because of his big eyes and his markings.

“We’ve had quite a few domestic kittens in and he looks quite different.

“As he gets older I’m hoping we’ll realise what he is but at the moment it’s a little bit of a mystery!”


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