Kitty Pampers Himself With a Nice, Relaxing Shower in a Bathroom Sink – After a Long, Tiring Day!

Sometimes at the end of a long, tiring day there can be nothing better than a hot soak in the bath.

However, this amusing video of a cat taking one of those relaxing showers in a bathroom sink shows we are not alone in enjoying a bit of pampering.


The brown fur-baby begins by pawing water onto its fur, before putting his head directly under the tap for a satisfying soak.

He stares joyously at the tap, apparently transfixed by the flow of water, before dunking his head back under again.


The 40-second clip is certainly on the unusual side, but it is not as rare as you might think.

Throughout this adorable video, the cat clearly enjoyed the wash – and even licked her lips with delight at one point.


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