Curious Cat Spies on Office Workers Through a Hole in Ceiling!

Do you ever get the feeling that somehow – you’re being watched?

These office workers did but at first, they couldn’t figure out why!

That is, until one of them decided to ‘look up’.


Staring down at them from a hole in the ceiling was an adorable tabby cat, wide-eyed and as curious as they come!

Photos of the hovering kitty were posted online by a Japanese twitter user, Bored Panda reported.


They explained that the photos were sent to them by a colleague and suggested it was their office’s new monitoring system.

The cat, who they called Dara, peeked its tiny head in through an empty down light.

However, compared to an office manager breathing down your neck, a kitty super-sleuth is not bad at all.

The curious kitty was decked out in a blue collar adorned with a bell and appeared to do everything they could to remain undetected.

In some of the photos, only the cat’s eyes and nose were visible.

Feeling the heat: This tired kitty simply flopped on to what appeared to be an oil heater to enjoy a cat nap
Feeling the heat: This tired kitty simply flopped on to what appeared to be an oil heater to enjoy a cat nap


However, just how Dara got into the ceiling in the first place remains unknown.

This is not the first time a cat has found itself in rather unusual situations.

A curious cat from Russia became an overnight internet sensation after it managed to get stuck between the roof and the ceiling of its owner’s home.

A video showed the cat wandering across the ceiling, just before popping its head in through a gap to stare down at its waiting owner.

As well as popping up in unusual places, cats are also known to fall asleep just about anywhere.

Hilarious photos show a long-haired cat curled up on the end of the banister with its paw held out at an awkward angle to keep its balance.

Another cat was lucky to be found, as it lay flat on its back tucked tightly away in the gutter on the roof.



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