She Got A Kitten – 17 Years Have Passed – And Look At Them Now


SWEDEN – Sweden natives Anna and Missan became more than best friends – they were like a family for 17 years!

But Missan Is not a human friend, Missan is a cat!

Missan 17 years old today. 💗 photo from april 1999. Celebrate her with with #Missan17

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When Anna Hecimovic was just 5-years-old, her parents told her that they were moving

Sadly, Anna was having a very difficult time adapting to the new environment.

Here is my story behind Missan ❤️ . . maybe you have heard it before but here it is again: . I5,5 years ago my parents told me we Would move to a new bigger house but i really didnt want to, as a 5 year old girl i had hard to let go of my things, my everyday things and my garden. So my parents told me i could get a cat if i moved with them (of course i didnt have a choice haha) we went 2 hours from home to look at a few kittens at my cousins farm, and my mother found an orange cat she thought Would be great, but i Found a tiny white little cat that was about 6 weeks old that i instantly fell in love with, it was my little Missan. I decided i wanted that one, but she was to young to bring home, so we went back a few weeks later to bring my precious baby home! I've loved her since day one and we have a really special bond, a 15 year long bond with nothing but love. Every morning Missan and I eat breakfast together and she sleeps together with me. It feels tough knowing that we don't have so many years left and i have no idea how it Will be when she passes away.. . Thank you everyone for participating in my contest, you are all winners ❤️

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And so, her parents decided to give Anna something very special.

They drove 2-hours to her cousin’s farm to choose a brand new kitten that needed home.

#Missan17 years old today 💗 For 17 years i've spend my days with you, since april 1999 you've been there. Here's the story about me and missan: I was five years old and we were about to move to a new house, as a five year old girl, super attached to my old house and room i didnt wanna move (like I had a choise haha) my dad told me i'd get a cat if i moved with them, haha. She's born at my cousins farm 2 hours away from my hometowm. I fell in love with her INSTANTLY. My mother liked a orange cat but i couldnt get my eyes of Missan. She was too young to bring home that day so we had to get her a few weeks later. I have loved her since day one. We have a very special bond. She sleeps with me, she comforts me when I'm sad and she LOVES posing on pictures. She don't like wearing collars that much but she loves bowties haha. I'm currently living in croatia, and missan is home in her and my parents house with them, i miss her so much and I'm thinking about her every day. I'm going home to Sweden in August…. Reading all your comments makes me SO happy, I'm happy that i can share my beautiful missan with the entire world. We love you, each and every one of you! Happy birthday my beautiful Missan 💕 (Reposted picture)

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From that day on, they became the best of friends!

Over the years they experienced a lot of good times together.

It's so hard to get up from bed mornings like this 💕✨

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Missan is now all grown up and is a gorgeous senior cat.

And to this day, Anna and Missan are best buddies!


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