Woman Helps Abused Cat Walk Again in Foster Care – But This Cat Had His Own Secret Plans!

This ginger cat was left with aan eye that was severely injured and semi paralyzed after being horrifically abused.

it was then that he met the right human who gave him love and patience, and he began to heal and once again, learned how to walk!


“My sister Clarina Hanekom was visiting me when she got a call about the cat,” Jo-Marié Aproskie explained to Love Meow.

Hanekom, who is founder of Tin Can Town, found the poor kitty and took him to the vet for emergency care.


The vets weren’t able save his eye but did save his life. The poor ginger went through hell, but yet, he still purred and purred and loved anyone who came along to show him a little affection!

He wasn’t able to move his left front and hind legs, so after he was released from the hospital, he went straight into a foster home where he could be looked after and cared for.


“I went to visit him in the hospital with my sister and he was such a special boy and always wanted love. I decided to foster him,” Jo-Marié explained.

She began giving the kitty physical therapy with different exercises twice a day.

“He was a very good patient,” she stated. “He made huge progress with his physical exercises, and got better every day.”


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