Cat Enters Woman’s Home – And Does Something Only a Cat Would Do!


Cats do just about whatever they want, don’t they?


“I guess I have a new cat. This guy walked in my front door and made himself at home.”

“I’m calling him alien cat for now, he’s very at home, very vocal, and sits like a person so I’m obviously in love,” Analise Marie posted on reddit.

“I have a black cat, my roommate has a calico, and we share a tuxedo cat as the house cat, and last night while drinking and smoking, I heard meowing outside, my roommate opened the door, and this guy ran in.”


Concerned that maybe the cat belonged to someone else, she’s going to check at the vet and has already posted on several local Facebook pages.

“But if no one claims alien cat, I’ll be forced to keep him”.

Cats certainly do choose who they want to be with. This story is just more proof of that!

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