She Heard Sounds Coming From A Stinky Box – What She Found Inside It Box Will Break Your Heart!


People can do some truly amazing things! Humans also have the capacity to be rotten, mean and cruel.

Jus take a look at these kittens!


These poor wee ones were covered with a toxic yellow paint, put inside a box, and simply left to die on the street in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is the largest city and capital of Guangdong province of South China.


The city is described as being absolutely full of vigor and a prosperous metropolis on

Yue You Meng, who is 27, is being credited for finding the kittens. She was walking along the street when she heard some cries from inside a box.


She was completely heartbroken to see the tiny kittens clinging to life inside the box.

She recalled that the paint had almost dried, and the kitten’s eyes were plastered shut, and their legs were stuck together; they were having trouble breathing.


Ms. Yue immediately picked up the box and took the kittens to her home to try and remove the paint herself. Unfortunately, the paint was just too difficult for Ms. Yue to remove herself, so she took the kittens to a veterinarian.


The doctors were able to successfully remove the paint by trimming off most of their fur. The kittens are now both free of paint and have been adopted by Ms. Yue!

China doesn’t have any animal protection laws. People are simply not charged with animal cruelty or any crime when they abuse or neglect animals.


The animals in China are in desperate need a voice, so the government doesn’t continue to ignore this problem.

An update posted about the kittens said that they are both doing well after their horrific ordeal.

Images: yousignanimals


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