Cat Is Rescued From Abuse, Then Vet Discovers Something In an X-ray!

A tiny tabby kitten named Miss Kiss was abandoned by her owner and left to die.

Another family found the kitten one day.
She was about 6-months-old.

They then rushed Miss Kiss to the Utah Valley Animal Rescue for help. When she arrived there, Miss Kiss was in terrible shape, she had a four-inch steel dart lodged in her brain.

Dr. Bott was completely dumbfounded and did not know how long she had a dart lodged in her brain. They also discovered a second dart in her shoulder.

Miss Kiss luckily survived the surgery to have the darts removed, however, she also suffered some damage to her optic nerve.

She was adopted by a man named Kevin, who is blind in one eye.

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To help with her coordination, Kevin tosses ping-pong balls for Miss Kiss.

Miss Kiss has gone through an awful lot in her short life – but in the end, she finally found the love and the forever home she’s always deserved!

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