Meet the Incredibly Charming ‘Two-faced’ Cat Who’s Taking the Internet by Storm!

BELARUS – An adorable ‘two-faced’ kitty has won an entire army social media fans thanks to her very unique facial markings.

Yana has gained in upwards of 20,000 followers on Instagram where her owner posts regular photo updates.



The cat’s striking face, one-half jet black and the other half ginger, which helps the feline stand out from the crowd

Yana became a social media sensation after she was adopted by a Belarusian cat lover, only known as Elizabeth, in July last year.

Posing for the camera CREDIT: CEN/@YANATWOFACECAT


Her former owners posted an advert online and found themselves literally inundated with offers from feline fans hoping to adopt the pet.

The architect-design student, who is currently studying at the National Technical University in Minsk, explained Yana’s Instagram fame has “totally changed her life” [translated].



She went on to add: “I am very grateful to the former owners of this fluffy miracle!”

Chimeras are animals which are composed of cells that originate from two (or more) different species, according to researchers from the University of Minnesota.


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