Hunt Is On For The Monster Who Left Kittens For Dead, Tied Up In A …


NEW SOUTH WALES – THE RSPCA is now hunting for the person or persons who left day old kittens bound tightly in a plastic bag and left for dead outside the Marrickville train station.

These kittens were found dumped and fighting for their lives near Marrickville train station.

Jessamine Yee was walking her dog in the area of the Marrickville station around midnight Sunday when she heard the kittens crying for help.

“I dropped the dog home went and got a bag, some gloves and a flashlight — I was looking for about 20 minutes and just about to give up when I saw the plastic bag move,” she explained.

“As soon as I saw them I dropped to my knees and started bawling — the bag was bound so tightly.”

The plastic bag the kittens were found in.

Inside the bag were four kittens who were fighting for their lives — their umbilical cords were still attached and their eyes not open yet.

After taking them to be checked out by the vet, Ms. Yee has spent this past week trying her very best to keep the kittens alive.

Tragically, however, two of them have passed on.

“I was up doing two-hourly feeds for the first 24 hours — my dog is a rescue dog and has gone into full mum mode licking them and looking after them.”

The kittens were being fed very two hours.

Not surprisingly, Ms. Yee has had an outpouring of support since the story was posted on social media, with many locals offering help.

The two surviving kittens are being looked after by a veterinary nurse who will foster them for the time being.

“I have had an unbelievable amount of support — people have offered money for vet bills and contacts for cat rescues — one lady even drove me to meet the new foster mum”, she explained.

Two kitten have died but the other two kittens are doing well.

An RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed they are investigating the incident.

“Abandonment can carry a $5500 fine and six months imprisonment. If the animal is harmed as a result, that can be escalated to an aggravated act of cruelty which is a $22,000 fine and up to two years in prison”, she concluded.


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