21 Before and After Photos of Cats Growing Up

Do you remember the day your kitty first arrived into your life?

That was the very little kitten or cat who totally and completely melted your heart from the moment you saw it.

All those days he or she made you wake up early to eat, but how excited you were to feed your baby All of those special moments will be treasured in your heart forever!

These breath-taking before and after images of cats growing up are sure to re-awaken some age-old memories and feelings within you today


#1 Remember When…

#2 Then And Now

#3 Best Friends

#4 So My Friends Cat Turned One

#5 Toby Still Loves His Bed, 4 Years Later

#6 Just Me And My Cat… 17 Years Later

#7 Then And Now

#8 Kitten To Teenager

#9 6 Months Have Been Nice To This Little Runt I Rescued

#10 1 Year And 1 Ruined Chair Later

#11 Link In The Sink, Then And Now

#12 My Cat In His Favourite Box… Then And Now

#13 Now And Then

#14 10 Years And Nothing’s Changed

#15 12 Months Apart

#16 Rescued Cat Now And Then

#17 Kría The Cat And Her Sofa

#18 Then And Now

#19 Me And My Bro 12 Years Later

#20 Bouchon

#21 18 Years Later, Happy Birthday My Cat!

H/T: boredpanda

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