12 Hilarious Images Proving That Cats Just Don’t Care

Here are 12 hilarious pictures that totally back up the title of this article!

Cats simply just – do not care!

1. Oh, you were working here?

2. The lazy one!

3. “I am indifferent to your suffering, human”!

4. “If the baby gets to sleep, then so do I”!

5. Truly doesn’t give a rat’s butt!

6. “If I fits, I shall sits”!

7. “So, you think you’re going to work? We’ll just see about that, human”!

8. The unresponsive one!

9. Cold as a cucumber – or is that cool as a cucumber?!

10. “It’s not our fault we have strange humans”!

11. The nonchalant one!

12. And last but certainly not least …

via welovecatsandkittens.com

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