This ‘Cat Castle’ Is A Cat Person’s Dream Home!

A two-bedroom, one-bathroom house which is located in the remote Arizona desert just hit the market for $240,000.

It’s actually a log cabin-style home that features custom-built hardwood kitchen cabinets “artistically accented with river rock,” according to what the listing states.

It also has an interior painted with ‘fun-house colors’, plastered in cat images, carpeted with cat-emblazoned rugs, adorned with stuffed cats and sprinkled with cat climbing structures. Included is a “medieval cat castle with different levels (stone)”, and also some books, which we can only assume are about cats.

“Looking for the home of your dreams?” a deep-voiced narrator asks on a video listing set to some gentle guitar music.

To its credit, Century 21-High Country, does acknowledge that the house in its current condition would suit only a diehard cat person.

“If you love cats this is the home for you!” the listing states. “If not bring your sandblaster!”


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