These Cats Guarded Their Baby Human. Now 6 Years Later, They Are Still Quite …


Who really needs a guard dog when you can have two protective guard cats? When Erin was a mere newborn, her parents posted a video of their two Burmese cats snuggling and keeping a close eye on the newest sibling. The two grey kitties certainly made a heck of a cozy napping situation out of an otherwise boring blanket for the baby. Fast forward now over six years, and Erin is still sleeping right along with her two best buds.

Erin’s Dad said that the cats had no problem balancing yet another newborn when Erin’s little sister came into the picture. It also turns out the cats are terrific cuddle companions not only for napping, but TV viewing as well.

Having pets has so many countless benefits for people of all ages. Raising children with pets has been proven to have tons of awesome perks – including a stronger immune system and actually less chance of respiratory issues. That’s not to mention, what kid wouldn’t love growing up with an animal best friend (or two)?

Always bear in mind, though, like Erin’s parents, keep a close watch when kids and animals are playing or napping together.

Newborn Erin here …

Six Year Old Erin here …

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