These Pets Won’t Leave Their Humans Go On A Vacation!

If you have a pet in your home, you know that they become a part of the family in only a short time. The love is incredibly big in some cases – it can grow so big that pets won’t even let your fill your suitcase before going on a vacation! Just take a look at the cats below – they are overly attached to their humans and equally cute as well!

#1 “I fit! Can I go with you?”

#2 “I win! She took me!”

#3 “I’m gonna camp on your luggage!”

#4 “Just close the bag.”

#5 “What? You got all the lenses, right?”

#6 “Pack me.”

#7 “We are not getting left behind this time.”

#8 “I’m ready.”

#9 Such cuties!



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