10+ Cats Who Failed Big Time


When we brag about our cat pets, we always brag about how big they are or how efficient are they when chasing mice. We keep their embarrassing moments for ourselves – after all, who wants to see his feline shamed? Some people do share some of their cats’ silly moments, and the internet is just a better place for it.

Here are some cats who have failed big time:

#1 Almost there.

#2 Ooh… That’s not a window.

#3 At least he did not hit his head.

#4 Tried out the new yoga pose.

#5 Try harder next time.

#6 “Pull it out.”

#7 “This is fine.”

#8 Impriosoned.

#9 No fishy for you.

#10 “Here, fishy fishy. Here, f- FUCK!!”

#11 Almost had it.

#12 Help him!

#13 Next time, check where you’re rollin’.

#14 Lucky the fan’s still there.

#15 It’s better in the box.


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