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    Cat Is Just Overjoyed That Her Humans Are …

    Cats are truly the best judges of character. So, if your kitty likes and accepts somebody, that’s usually a very very good sign. Just ask Vanessa Richards, who all thanks to her cat, is now officially getting married to her cat approved fiancé. This is Smokky the cat! Richards had adopted Smokky when she was […]

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    Cat Man Chris Interrupted During BBC Interview

    It’s only been a few days since this live BBC interview went viral where a professor was interrupted by his two cute kids, with their mom having to dash in desperately to save the shot. Now, it seems Cole and Marmalade have their own version and it’s simply – hilarious and cute! Follow Cole & […]

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    So, Do You Let Your Cats Sleep on the Bed?

    “Do You Let Your Cats Sleep on the Bed?” is yet another insightful video from Cat Vloggers, Cole and Marmalade. Their human, Chris, writes: “We used to close Cole & Marmalade out of the bedroom at night because of all the kitty olympics and lack of sleep… but then we drove from Florida to California […]

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    Amelia the Kitten Really Loves to Chat

    There’s nothing cuter than listening to a chatty kitten! Kittens love to vocalize and they seem to have a lot to say! Luckily for us humans, there’s no such thing a kitten that talks too much because their adorable squeaks and meows can really brighten up the most ordinary of days! Keeping that in mind […]

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    Didga the Cat Dancing to Justin Timberlake

    Didga the cat lives with a man named Robert Dollwet aka Catmantoo, Boomer the cat and various doggie friends. Robert is a trainer and Didga, you may remember, recently won the Guinness World Record title for doing the most cat tricks in one minute. She’s a truly talented kitty who is always having lots of […]

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    Cats Sleep In Weird Places – Truly A Must-see

    Our kitties look so adorable when they’re fast asleep and it seems that they have the ability to sleep anywhere, don’t they? Not only do our furbabies sleep anywhere but also they manage to get into the weirdest positions! We think you’re going to love this charming compilation full of lovely kitties in weird and […]

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    Adorable Bengal Kitten Goes For His Very First Swim At The Beach

    While most cats are complete spooked and run away from water, this tiny Bengal kitten named Diego is quite different. Despite being so tiny, Diego the kitten didn’t show any signs of fear when he was taken to the beach for the first time. Despite being so tiny, Diego the kitten didn’t show any signs […]

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    This Cat Begging Will Win Over Your Heart

    How could anyone possibly ever say no to this adorable face?! In this beautiful clip, watch as this adorable tuxedo cat whose name is Gizmo begs for a treat in the cutest way possible. Gizmo surely knows how to use his charm, doesn’t he? Enjoy! Video Source