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  1. Thank you for the wonderful stories–love them and thank you for the news on cats~~

  2. Mr Laverty,. The story of the kitten you and your friend found on the streets, of Hanoi, broke my heart to the point that it may never be put back together. You and your friend are the most disgusting vile pieces of shit ever put on this planet. Your disregard for life disgusts me to no end.Here is a destitute kitten begging fog help, a bit of food some love and warmth. Your statement is that it will probably die so leave it to its fate. Your friend had the time to take its picture but nothing else. This is one of God’s smallest creatures, asking for a chance at life. If I could I would do things to you and your friend that would make crucifixion seem like a bad cold. I don’t care who reads this or what they may think of me for writing this. You are scum of the lowest kind, and I hope that there is a special place in hell for you and your friend,

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