Cat Poems

If Only I Was There |Poem|

If only I was there I would have eased your pain I would have held you close and given you a name. If only I was there you wouldn’t have had to roam. You’d have been so safe and sound – and you would have had a home. If only …

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River of Dreams – POEM

Dear Human, now, that you’re asleep there is one promise I cannot keep. For now, dear please, I must say this your friendship, it, will be most missed. I do remember days gone by you kept me warm, you kept me dry you held me close those long long nights …

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Poem – If You Let Me Take You Home

“If you let me take you home, I will be your bestest friend. I’ll be there when you need me. I’ll be there to the end. If you let me take you home, we can share my food, my bed. And if you wish at night, you can sleep up …

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