Crimes Against Cats

5-week-old kitten set on Fire Near Cincinnati!

OHIO – Members of an animal rescue group are currently trying to help for a kitten who suffered horrible abuse. On Wednesday, August 31, someone decided to set a 5-week-old kitten on fire in Hamilton. The fire burned the fur on her tail, legs, and back end but the fur …

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Cat Abandoned at Vet’s With Note By Upset Neighbor!

IDAHO – When Annie Moore arrived at work Wednesday at the Kuna Pet Care Clinic she didn’t realize what she would find when she got there. “I pulled up to the clinic at about 7:45 this morning and this lovely contraption was sitting on our doorstep,” stated Moore. The box …

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Man Convicted of Biting Pet Cat’s Head, Sentenced

SCORAND – Craig Mills, who is 22, sunk his teeth into two-year-old cat, Pippa, and the cat had to be put down as a result of her injuries. Mills carried out a ”disgraceful act of cruelty” said a sheriff as he was jailed in Fife, Scotland. Horrendous footage of the …

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