Crimes Against Cats

Massachusetts Woman Charged with Stomping Kitten to Death!

MASSACHUSETTS – A North Weymouth woman is currently facing an animal-cruelty charge after allegedly stomping her kitten to death in a drunken rage. Eleanor M. Campbell, who is 35, of 5 Saunders St., Apt. 1, is charged with animal cruelty and disturbing the peace. Judge Mark Coven ended up releasing …

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Kittens Found Abandoned Inside Family’s Mailbox!

CANADA – A family who lives in Powassan, Ontario says they were “devastated” when they returned home Wednesday morning to find three kittens abandoned in their mailbox. “My dad had come home, [and the] mailman came down the driveway and asked if my father lived at this address,” explained Leslie …

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Child’s Pet Cat Held for Ransom in New Mexico!

NEW MEXICO – One New Mexico family did exactly what many people do when they lost a beloved pet. They went and put up signs and went out looking on their own until they got the call they had been waiting for. Someone did indeed their lost kitten, but getting …

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Cat Meat Trade Busted in Chennai, 16 Cats Rescued!

INDIA – Last Wednesday morning in Pallavaram, a Narikuravar tribal settlement was in the middle of construction work when they were approached by a man who offered to help them. Arvind, who is an animal rights activist, noticed a cage with 16 cats huddled together and with their tongues sticking …

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Florida Deputies Rescue “Tied Up’ kitten!

FLORIDA – A routine trespassing call in New Port Richey took an unexpected turn Thursday when two Pasco County deputies found themselves rescuing a kitten as a bonus. When Deputies Keelie Peckham and James Cantagallo first arrived at the location near Ridge Road where the call had originated, they couldn’t …

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