Crimes Against Cats

Cat Cruelly Chained and Padlocked Stranded In The Woods!

We could never imagine why or how anyone would ever do anything cruel to a cat, but this story really left us pissed off. While walking in the woods looking for a dog, Janet Zimmerman spotted this poor cat, chained up, padlocked, and left completely alone! Zimmerman rescued him right …

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Animal Shelter Employee Charged with Abusing Cat!

VIRGINIA – A Bedford County Animal Shelter employee is currently facing felony charges and has been fired after abusing a cat. Animal Control deputies responded to the complaint back on August 10. They were told that Bryan Skinnell had injured a cat while performing cleaning maintenance at the facility. Deputies …

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Cat Rescue Hopes to Help Animal After Catastrophic Injury!

ALABAMA – The Purrfect Love Cat Rescue is currently working to raise money and awareness for a three-month-old cat they say has already been through one terrible ordeal too many in her short life. They are saying they found her wandering around a Calera mobile home park, after they got …

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