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The World’s Poshest Cat Food? Cans Contain Lobster and Caviar!

BRITAIN – Cats will soon eat better than their human owners if they are given what is being promoted as the world’s poshest cat food. Containing Arenkha caviar, line-caught Scottish salmon, hand-caught Norfolk lobster, and Devon crab, the cans come at a lofty price, though – an eye-watering $303 for …

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10 Ways to Make Your Cat REALLY Love You!

Cats are truly amazing pets. However they sometimes they make us work a just little harder for their love than their barking counterparts. Once you have earned your cat’s love, it’s totally worth all the effort because cats bond with their owners for life and have their own amazing ways …

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5 (Not-So-Secret) Signs Your Cat Loves You!

They say that the secret to keeping someone completely in love with you is that you have to keep them guessing a bit and never let them feel so secure in your relationship that they stop working. And no one knows how to play this game better than cats! But …

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