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Is This a Cat? Or is It A Dog? What Do YOU Think?

A user on Twitter has posted a photo which has viewers all over the world wondering if the creature featured is a cat or a dog. The long-haired animal is cat-sized, but just so happens to look much like a dog. And if you look very closely, there may also …

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Cross-eyed Cat Melts the Internet with His Adorable Peepers!

A five-year-old tabby-Siamese crossbreed, named Sol-kun, has become one of the hottest feline stars online thanks to his eyes. This footage below shows the adorable cat being given a spoon to lick by his loving owner and looking hilariously cute with his big, blue eyes.   Permanently crossed since he …

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‘Meowtaineering’ Cat Sets Off on Amazing Quest!

COLORADO – There is a tuxedo cat roaming around the mountains of Colorado, but it’s not a mountain lion or a bobcat – it’s a ‘meowtaineering’ cat whose name is Quandary Q Lotus Lady. The adventure cat has received quite a huge following on Instagram, where her owners Erin and …

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8 Inspiring Cat Rescue Pictures From Hurricane Sandy, 2012!

Hurricane Sandy completely devastated too many communities along the east coast in 2012. The storm formed way back on October 22nd and didn’t dissipate until November 2nd. It’s very important to remember that hurricane season can last into November. These photos are a bittersweet reminder of the devastating forces of …

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15 Superhero Cats Who Have Literally Saved People’s Lives!

What is your kitty cat doing right this moment? If you said sleeping, then you’re probably right. While your furry companion may look peaceful and dormant, don’t be fooled. There is the very sure possibility that your cat is secretly brainstorming ways to save humanity in the event that everything …

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