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How to Know When Your Cat Is Sick!

It can actually be quite difficult to know when your furbaby is ill because cats are masters of hiding if they are sick. However, there are a few very important things that you can pay attention to that will surely give you a heads up early. One example of things …

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Great News About Marmalade and What a Fighter He Is!

Everyone LOVES Cole and Marmalade! Just two years ago, Marmalade needed to have surgery to remove a mass inside his intestines which turned out to be cancerous. However, this world renown cat totally won the battle! Marmalade has been 2 cancer free for two whole years! Chris, the feline duos …

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Why Our Cats Love Catnip, According to Science!

Most cats are crazy about catnip. And they seem to show it in strange ways — rubbing against everything, rolling around on the floor, pawing random objects, in short – generally acting weird. So what’s up with that? The above video, from the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, provides …

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How to Correctly Syringe Feed Newborn Kittens!

In case you didn’t already know, there is a right way and also plenty of wrong ways to feed a kitten via syringe. If it is done incorrectly, a kitten can actually choke to death. The excellent video below will demonstrate ‘the correct way’. Enjoy! Video Source

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One Very Well Trained Kitty!

This video will shock you! There are many cats that use the toilet on a regular basis! However, how many of them actually try to use the toilet paper to wipe themselves after they’re done? Great job, kitty! Now, flush!

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