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VERMONT – 2,000 cats and counting!

A nonprofit has recently hit a milestone in reducing a feral cat problem at farms across the Northeast Kingdom. The group traps, spays or neuters, and then returns cats once they’ve healed. And they are now celebrating their 2,000th cat helped. Any cats who can be adopted are placed in …

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Couple Has Opened Their Home to Hundreds of Foster Kittens!

If you open a bedroom door inside the Hospodarsky home, don’t be surprised if a few kittens end up darting between your feet. Just last Thursday, six playful kittens could be found skittering toward the just-opened bedroom door and rolling all around on the wooden floor in George and Calista …

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Spike in Rare Cat Disease Puts Twin Cities Pet Owners on Alert!

MINNESOTA – The dog days of summer poses a brand new threat for all cats in the Twin Cities: experts are seeing a spike in a rare disease typically contracted by cats that hunt. According to some veterinarians at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, they’ve treated eight confirmed …

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Here Are 13 Furniture Design Ideas For Cat Lovers!

As we cat lovers know so well, cats simply love to go for hiding spots or safe vantage points. However, custom-built furniture can offer them those places and sure they will love it. Here are 13 samples of designs that are already out here to get your creative wheels turning! …

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Cat’s Encounter With Leg Trap Spurs Prompt MSPCA Action!

SALISBURY, MASSACHUSETTS — A Salisbury resident by the name of Randee Michaud was worried — as she was leaving for work late last month, her cat August hadn’t returned from his morning stroll. That was very unusual for him, and a sign of trouble. When he finally crawled back home …

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Cat Reunited with Portland Family After 11 Long Years!

OREGON – More proof yet that microchipping your pet works! Just this past week, a Portland family and their cat were reunited after being separated for 11 years! Dean McCrea and Meredith Warren lost Misty all the way back when she was just two years old. There had been a …

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