Diet, Nutrition and Health

These 10 Signs Could Mean a Serious Health Issue in Cats!

Cat owners will usually know their pets well enough to know just when something’s not right. It happens to be a byproduct of living in close proximity to your cat on a daily basis, and you can see when something changes in her demeanor or physical routine. If you notice …

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The 7 Ways To Take Great Care Of A Senior Cat At Home!

Starting around the age of ten years old, all cats begin to show signs of old age – whether it be his sight weakening, his sense of smell not being so sharp anymore or his hearing deteriorating. At this certain age, cats tend to sleep much more, search for heat …

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10 ‘Catios’ That Will Take Your Breath Away!


As we cat lovers already know, there are catios and then – there are CATIOS! We here at The Best Cat Page have seen hundreds of styles and samples of truly great catios. Below you will find ten of the very best we have ever come across out here on …

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In honor of Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24, 2017, 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ is holding the third annual Change a Pet’s Life Contest to help out adoptable pets in need of medical care! Enter an adoptable pet from your shelter or animal rescue and encourage your community to vote …

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