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Research Study Finds a Cat’s Color(s) Plays Role in Attitude

So does your calico has “catitude?” Is your tortie temperamental? Veterinarians from the University of California, Davis, have discovered, in recently published research, that cats with calico and tortoiseshell coat patterns tend to challenge their human companions a lot more often than felines whose fur is less flashy and colorful. …

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Auckland SPCA Takes In 71 Unwanted Kittens in 2 Days

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – A few more than 70 unwanted cats or kittens have been dropped off to the Auckland SPCA in little more than 24 hours .. more proof that cats and kittens and even dogs make horrible Christmas presents. Chief executive Andrea Midgen said that figure was down …

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New Operating Room At Edmonton Pound Saves 100’s of Cats

EDMONTON ALBERTA, CANADA – A brand new $55,000 surgery room at the pound is driving down euthanasia rates and is getting more lost and wounded pets back out for adoption. Just two years ago, staff at Edmonton’s Animal Care and Control Centre were making tough choices about which cats and …

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Smoking More Damaging to Our Cats Than To Our Dogs

Quitting smoking in the New Year isn’t just good for your health, it could extend the lives of your pets as well. New research shows that passive smoking can cause cancer and weight gain for our dogs and our cats. Clare Knottenbelt, Professor of Small Animal Medicine and Oncology at …

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Anxiety in Cats

Many people think of cats as lazy animals who spend their days resting and napping in the sunshine. With such an easygoing lifestyle, what could felines possibly have to be stressed about? But there are many situations which can cause stress for kitties — everything from moving to a new …

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