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Cat Alerts Owner to Neighbor in Medical Distress!

CANADA – Carolyn Berven may have missed a chance to say goodbye to her father if it wasn’t for the instincts of a cat, along with the sharp eye of its owner. The P.E.I. native, who currently lives in Okotoks, Alta., was able to fly into Halifax last Friday and …

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Dog With Alzheimer’s Has Unlikely ‘Caregiver’!

This is a very good example of what could happen when traditional enemies are able to put aside their differences. 16-year-old dog Shino has Alzheimer’s disease and has a hard time moving around and looking after himself. Luckily for him, he also has his friend Kuu, a cat, to help …

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The Saddest Kitten You Will Ever See – Before and After!

Abandoned by his mother at an early age, this wee one had little chance of survival. Nevertheless, he was rescued and taken to the vet. Sadly, the kitten did lose his sight for good. This video shows the kitten’s actual surgery and his start on the road to recovery! How …

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