People Who Hate Cats Live With Cats For A Whole Week!

The wonderful people at Buzzfeed thought it would be a cute idea to see what would happen when self-confessed cat “haters” were given the opportunity to have a pet cat for a period of one week! One of the participants stated: “I love dogs…and cats are not dogs!” Another added: …

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Trash Men Rescue Frozen, Urine-Soaked Kitten From Snowbank!

CANADA – Two garbagemen are now being celebrated for rescuing a frozen, urine-soaked kitten from a rural snowbank. Leland Nason and a co-worker of his were collecting trash in Minto, N.B., one cold day when they passed what they thought was a dead cat, explainedvSue Knight, who is of CARMA …

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The Craziest Kittens Ever!

These precious wee ones might just be craziest foster kittens we have ever had the pleasure of seeing! Their playful, energetic antics make them terribly irresistible! Their caretaker stated: “Out of all the kittens we’ve fostered over the years, I can’t recall a crazier lot than these four! They came …

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