Petunia and Frito – Two Blind Cats Who Just Love to Play!

Blindness doesn’t stop these two cats from living their best lives. Petunia and Frito were both born with glaucoma in 2015. As the disease is incurable in cats, veterinarians removed their eyes to spare the two Meet Petunia and Frito, the blind cats who love to play the pain. Not …

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Smart, Hefty Cat ‘Fools’ Automatic Feeder!

Edgar clearly – loves to eat! According to his owners, he gets fed a whopping seven times each and every day, but apparently, that somehow doesn’t meet his standards. And so, Edgar has gone ahead and discovered a way to make the automatic feeder work for him. Of course, being …

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Baby Is Just So Excited to See Kitty!

We here at The Best Cat Page never get tired of watching cat videos that have cats in them – of course – but with those cats interacting with human children. We think it’s also clear when we watch these videos just which children are going to grow up to …

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Cat Completely Photobombs Documentary Scene!

This kitty is BOSS! Just watch as this adorable kitty hilariously got himself involved with a group of people while filming a documentary. Maybe the cat believed the director they had chosen wouldn’t live up to expectations and decided to take the reins? With cats, anything is possible! Source: Cat …

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