Kitten Cuddling Human Expecting Mom Since Adopted

Meet Siggy the kitty! Siggy has been cuddling and nuzzling his human mom and the baby inside her since the day he was adopted. “My cat loves my bump. They’ve grown up together.” “Siggy is 5 and a half months old, my best friend’s cat had kittens and I helped …

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3 Cats Rescued From Concrete Channel in L.A

LOS ANGELES, CA – Three cats who were confined within the concrete channel of the Los Angeles River were rescued by local heroes who worked many long hours in the dark to save these helpless felines. The long, excruciating drama began when the volunteers at People and Cats Together (PACT) …

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13 Year Old Rescue Finally Finds Her Forever Human


When the rescue group took in a 13 year old cat, they believed she’d be with them for a long time until a kind woman came to them, asking for a ‘hard to adopt’ cat… She found Sophia! “We rescued Sophia from Hamilton Animal Control. This poor senior kitty’s owner …

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Rescue Kitten With Five Ferret Brothers

This is a story about Komari Komari started out as a stray kitten was just 5 weeks old was rescued and taken into a home of five male ferrets. She grew up with them and the bunch of them became the family she never had. There are times it seems …

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