12 Signs Cats Have Completely Taken Over Your Home

These are the true signs that cats have taken over your home. 1. Drawers are not for clothes anymore, they are for cats. 2. Every window is now Cat TV. 3. Your household doors now double as cat perches. 4. You now have a cheering section when you shower … …

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Conversations We Have With Our Cats!

There are a large number of cat people out there who not only love their fur-babies, but they also talk to them – A LOT. I talk to my cats all day long and although they cannot respond with words, the expressions on their faces, as well as their body …

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20+ Men Prove That Cat Dads Are Just Too Cool!

Everyone knows that most guys are generalized to be a dog person while ladies seem to be the closest to felines but the men in the video clip below are breaking the rules! They have set out to prove that even a masculine guy can share a wonderful bond even …

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