Kitty Reacts When Watching a Horror Movie!

Horror movies don’t only leave us human viewers on edge. Apparently, suspense affects our pets too! Just take a look as the kitty in the clip below watches a scary flick that’s playing on the television. ‘Stuff’ stated that: “Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs can take in a …

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Move Over Power Rangers! The Meower Rangers is a Thing Now!

This is a parody that is far overdue amd we are happy to present you with: The Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers! The series follows five strong and sassy felines as they juggle normal kitty life and fight dastardly threats to animal kind. Just like their human predecessors, these furry rangers …

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Cat Comic Has Adorable But Very Unexpected Ending!

This is a just about the best depiction of cats we have seen. Cats may seem like they don’t like us, but deep down inside, they actually do! More often than not, the also love their dog counterparts. Check out the hilarious Lynol comic below! We guarantee it will make …

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Black Cats: 5 Common Misconceptions!

There ae many people who believe black cats look bad in selfies, that they’re boring and even bad luck. Of course all total myths! However, black cats do take 13 per cent longer to be adopted, if they are adopted at all. via

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Does YOUR Cat Like Kisses?

For cats, just as many for many of us humans, there is a right time and a wrong time for everything. No one among us likes to be kissed 24 hours a day. Our cats don’t either. But there are does your furbaby like to be kissed at all? Check …

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Why Police Cats Will Never Be a Thing!

Try as you may, it’s doubtful cats will ever become police dogs. Besides, our precious kitties don’t need to be out making drug busts. They belong safe and sound at home where we need them most! “This is why police cats aren’t a thing…”

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