DIY Laser Toy to Entertain Your Cat for Hours!

Figuring out just how to keep pets entertained can be very tiring. Of course, you don’t really feel like playing catch with your dog after a long day at work, or dangling strings over your cat’s head to stop them from destroying every piece of furniture in sight. Luckily for …

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Man Attempts to Climb Europe’s Highest Mountain with His Pet Cat

RUSSIA – A Russian mountain climber and his adventurous pet tuxedo cat have narrowly failed in their unique attempt to conquer Europe’s highest mountain together. Andrey Ostanin and kitty pal Graf, from the city of Nizhny Tagil in central Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region, ‘almost’ scaled all of Mount Elbrus. At …

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These Are the 7 Best-selling Cat Toys on Amazon

If you think your attention span is off, your pet cat has it a thousand times worse. Why else would they dart around your house aimlessly with glazed eyes like some kind of a madman? You can just live with their weirdness if you wish, however, it’s a lot easier …

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Meet the Starting Lineup for the 2017 Kitten Bowl!

NEW YORK — The furry, fleet-footed pawthletes of Kitten Bowl IV didn’t exactly have the plays down pay on Wednesday at the taping of the annual cuteness fest that airs on the Hallmark Channel each Super Bowl Sunday. Chaos did ensue, but it was all good as cameras rolled on …

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How Cats Show Affection – 10 Pictures!

Cats are irresistibly sweet, as we all know, but sometimes their behavior irritates us completely. However, it turns out that their sometimes annoying behavior is actually one way of showing us their genuine affection. Without any further ado, here are the ten ways in which your cat says: “I love …

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