17 Cats That Look Exactly Like Celebrities!

It is often said that people and their pets often resemble each other. However, the similarities you will see in the pairings below are spot on! 1. Adrian Brody 2. Charlie Chaplin 3. Tom Selleck 4. Beyoncé 5. Christian Bale (as Batman) 6. Clint Eastwood 7. Cat Deely 8. Marilyn …

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Calypso the Bengal Cat Loves to Cruise On Her Paddleboard!

AUSTRALIA – While most cats despise getting even their paws wet, Calypso the Bengal absolutely loves the water so much she ‘surfs’ and swims in it. The seven-year-old cat has always loved the water which owner Monique Macleod, who is 27 and from Robina stated is typical of the Bengal …

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Simon’s Cat ‘Off to the Vet’ Preview!

We know that many of you have been waiting for this for some time now, but it’s finally here. Simon’s Cat, starring in ‘Off to the Vet’, is now available! Check out the preview below to get a good first look at their very first full-color film! This all looks …

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Magical Bubble Bowl Chairs For Cats May Soon Be a Thing!

The people who went ahead and create this are geniuses and deserve the utmost praise and respect. Yan Law is just one of these people. Yan Law is the creator of a wonderful new item called Dim Dim, or a transparent bubble chair for your pet cat. It’s basically an …

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Meet London’s Adorable Cats!

If you like going out for a beer and you also love cats, well then, you’re in luck. London Pubcats, which is a book by Vicky Lane and Tim White, documents the cats of London’s hottest beer hotspots! From Purdy who enjoys laying across the bar at The Gunmakers in …

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