Five Famous Cats of War

Cats are quite often overlooked in the history of military animals, and for the most part, all of our famous wartime cats became so during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, when cats were still very much a part of the naval service – both here in the States and …

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“Having A Baby Vs. Having A Cat” Comic Is Simply Hilarious!

Cats and babies are quite different from each other in some ways. Some may even say having kids is more rewarding, others would disagree. Mathew Inman, the creator of oatmeal webcomics, is one of the most hilarious cartoonist alive, has truly nailed it with his interpretation of the topic in …

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Taylor Swift’s Rumored Breakup Resurfaces A Shitty Stereotype!

HOLLYWOOD – On Wednesday, rumors spread throughout the internet about whether or not Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were still a couple. Neither Swift nor Harris has addressed it, and at this point it can only be acknowledged as rumor and gossip from undisclosed sources. Regardless of whether the two …

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Belfast’s First Cat Cafe Could Be on Its Way

BELFAST, IRELAND – Caitlin McClelland, who lives in South Belfast, started her campaign last week A Co Antrim woman has begun a campaign to open Belfast first cat cafe. Caitlin McClelland, who currently lives in South Belfast , has started a KickStarter campaign to raise £20,000 to open the cafe. …

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You Need To Watch This ‘Kitten University’ Video Right Meow!

America’s education system has completely overlooked and underserved its kitten population — until now. Each and every day, uneducated baby cats face challenges for which society has failed to prepare them. Did you know 99 percent of kittens are illiterate and just about 100 percent of them are unemployed? It’s …

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