Simon’s Cat: Flower Bed!

We here at The Best Cat Page LOVE Simon’s cat! In the clip below, Simon is out in the garden. It appears he’s bought some new plants that he needs to get into the ground. All is going well – as usual – until his cat appears. The very first …

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People Who Hate Cats Live With Cats For A Whole Week!

The wonderful people at Buzzfeed thought it would be a cute idea to see what would happen when self-confessed cat “haters” were given the opportunity to have a pet cat for a period of one week! One of the participants stated: “I love dogs…and cats are not dogs!” Another added: …

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How to Find a Common Language With Your Cat!

Our kitties truly do have their own ways of communicating with us and with each other – and now – the terrific people at Brightside have put together a collection of comics. We believe these illustrations will truly shed some light on how to eliminate the language barrier between us …

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Hilarious Cats React to Going Outdoors for The First Time!

Cats may appear to be serious and sometimes even pretentious creatures. However, the truth is they’re quite funny. Most cats prefer to be indoors. So, when they are taken outdoors – or put out – it’s usually a punishment of some sort. When it comes to going ‘out’, cats are …

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15 Absolutely Hilarious Pictures of Cat Logic!

Cats truly have their own ways of thinking! if you have a cat, then you already know this statement to be true. Our feline friends often do things in a way we just wouldn’t expect or even understand! And we already know you know what we are talking about! Just …

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